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Stylish and innovative…Pet bed!

Stylish-dog-bedI’d like to think that my flat is pretty stylish and that my eclectic mix of new with old, gives my place an edgy yet homely feel.  So when I come across cool and innovative designs that push the boundaries of traditional style…I get very very excited!!

Like this new bamboo hammock pet bed by Pet Lounge Studios in Miami (the very cute dog is not included)  The frame has been made from bamboo with the cushion stretched out on all four corners and secured with stainless steel anchors and carabineers creating a sling type sleeping surface.  The cushion is washable, reversible and made with upholstery grade ultra-suede.   The supporting canvas has minimal stretch and is designed for pets under 25 to 30lbs.

And I most not forget to mention…as well as being a slick piece of pet design, the hammock is also said to help relieve many of the pressure points often associated with arthritis in pets.

This product has it all…style, comfort and care for your pet!

Love M.x


Temporary Lip Tattoo Fancy accessorising your lips?

Today I discovered Selfridge’s new beauty product…the Temporary Lip Tattoo!

These cool tattoos come in 7 different styles and are said to last four to eight hours.  And with no need to endure any needles in the name of fashion, these tattoos are simply transferred on and easily removed with baby oil or mineral oil.

The tattoos are FDA approved, the transfers contain no animal products and have been tested on supermodels, not animals…perfect!

At £10 a go, they may seem pricey for one use products, but if want to make a statement at your next gig or party, then why not splash out a few pennies on accessorising your lips…you never know it may result in a kiss or two by the end of the night!

Love M x

Welcome to my inaugural blog…Little pockets of inspiration.

Like many other people, I have many loves…fashion, beauty products, going out, food and my little beagle Alfie…just to count for some!!!  And like many other people, I really enjoy finding out about new innovations, tips and news within my interests.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to create this blog to share with others, all these little pockets of inspiration that I discover during my daily life.

Love Maria x