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Victoria by Victoria Beckham comes to Harvey Nicks!  On Monday Victoria’s sister label graced the floors of the famous Knightsbridge department store to offer customers a slightly more affordable design to her main line range.  Compared to her more expensive designs, the dresses are all-together more colourful, more girly, youthful and have emulate an air 60s style.

For the launch, Victoria teamed up with the fashion illustrator and filmaker Quentin Jones to create a totally quirky window display.  The duo took the designed cat and moon motifs, plus the scalloped prints featured on the clothes to dress up these windows.  And it didn’t stop there…they have also installed mini TV screens into the walls so passers-by can take a peek at a video of the collection.

And don’t worry you won’t miss the cat theme, as on the shop floor you will see mannequins modelling both the beautiful dresses and their dream like cat heads.

I would personally love to own the Patch Pocket dress and the Printed Button dress, but unfortunately these elegant designs don’t come cheap.  Starting from £500, I think I’ll need to save or ask my boss for a large bonus, before I can even consider buying one of these great dresses…!


Oooo hello new Whistles Spring / Summer 2012!

I got a sneak peek of Whistles new collection the other day and I am happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed.  The beautifully tailored silk suits in fresh vibrant colours, the bold print outfits and the pretty laced dresses…I just can’t decide which item I want the most!

Now I have a confusion! I am semi-obsessed with Whistles and if I could, I would so kit my whole wardrobe out with their clothes, accessories, bags…you name it…I could I would have it all!  And to honest, if you had the opportunity to wear these clothes everyday, wouldn’t you wake up happy all the time.


I love it when the high street brings out a new season collection that is not just bang on trend, but affordable too!  To be honest I’ve never been one to shop in Primark, not because I’m a brand snob…far from it, but because it never crossed my mind to pop in.  However after seeing the Primark Spring / Summer 2012 collection, I’m definitely going to brace myself for a visit to the March Arch store.  Just need to decide what I want more…is it the soft pastel trousers, or the bold printed tops or maybe even the pretty feminine dresses!!!  However with their collection starting from £8…I don’t think I’ll need to pick just one 🙂

It was the event of 2011…the excitement, the atmosphere…the dress!  Everyone remembers where they were the day Kate Middleton walked down that opulent aisle wearing that amazing ivory dress!

Kate-Middleton-wedding-dressHolding our breath in anticipation we all grasped and ooooed as she got out of the car.  Looking like a vision of loveness, she emulated grace and beauty with a touch of vintage class!  And now the dress is in the running for the Design of the Year Award 2012

Designed by Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton, the dress is in the running to scoop a top design prize.  This beautiful dress will have stiff competition as it’s up against another McQueen creation as well as a piece from designer Vivienne Westwood.

Fingers crossed that this momentous dress is crowned the winner

It looks like pretty pastels are back to grace our wardrobes this Spring/Summer 2012.

Personally I love pastel shades, from the cornflower blues to the lemon yellows, these shades definitely emulate the season and add a touch of feminity to pretty much any look.  And how could you not when these are the styles coming out of the catwalks…

And don’t worry you don’t need deep pockets to look this good! The high streets have already started to introduce some great pieces in their collections.

So whether you want to be top to toe in pastels or just want to investigate in a few key pieces – this look can be done by all.  But just make sure you pick the right colour and shade, as even the most beautiful person, can look washed out!

Fairtrade ring supports Rainbow Trust

In Oak’s newest collection, Love Letters, is the exquisite ring ‘Our Love Will Bloom’.  Made from 18ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold, this ring conceals the word ‘Lover’ through an elegant elaborate script font. And what makes this collection even more wonderful is that Oak’s will be donating a week’s worth of profits to the Rainbow Trust Charity.

So if you want to help a great cause!!!…why not buy ‘Our Love will Bloom‘ ring directly from Oak’s site between Thursday 25th August and 1st September 2011…and do something amazing!

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Rainbow Trust is the children’s charity that provides emotional and practical support to families of children with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Temporary Lip Tattoo Fancy accessorising your lips?

Today I discovered Selfridge’s new beauty product…the Temporary Lip Tattoo!

These cool tattoos come in 7 different styles and are said to last four to eight hours.  And with no need to endure any needles in the name of fashion, these tattoos are simply transferred on and easily removed with baby oil or mineral oil.

The tattoos are FDA approved, the transfers contain no animal products and have been tested on supermodels, not animals…perfect!

At £10 a go, they may seem pricey for one use products, but if want to make a statement at your next gig or party, then why not splash out a few pennies on accessorising your lips…you never know it may result in a kiss or two by the end of the night!

Love M x