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We all know that advertising and mass media portrays a somewhat rosy tinted view of body image perfection.  But the truth is from time to time, we are all sucked into this fake truth!

Flicking through our glossy magazines, we have all had our moments of envy…wishing that our thighs were that slim and cellulite free, that our hair was that glossy, and we too had spot free porcelain skin.  But the true is…those beautiful models just don’t look that perfect in real life and the majority of them have been photoshoped to an inch of their lives!

But where is the proof I hear you cry.  Well thanks to a great video by the filmmarker  Jesse Rosten you can now see exactly how it’s done.  And have a good old giggle in the process!!

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

My favourite quote: “Why eat healthy and exercise when you can just look like you do?,” – I say bye bye to the new year’s resolution and hello ‘Fotohop’ 🙂


Temporary Lip Tattoo Fancy accessorising your lips?

Today I discovered Selfridge’s new beauty product…the Temporary Lip Tattoo!

These cool tattoos come in 7 different styles and are said to last four to eight hours.  And with no need to endure any needles in the name of fashion, these tattoos are simply transferred on and easily removed with baby oil or mineral oil.

The tattoos are FDA approved, the transfers contain no animal products and have been tested on supermodels, not animals…perfect!

At £10 a go, they may seem pricey for one use products, but if want to make a statement at your next gig or party, then why not splash out a few pennies on accessorising your lips…you never know it may result in a kiss or two by the end of the night!

Love M x