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Victoria by Victoria Beckham comes to Harvey Nicks!  On Monday Victoria’s sister label graced the floors of the famous Knightsbridge department store to offer customers a slightly more affordable design to her main line range.  Compared to her more expensive designs, the dresses are all-together more colourful, more girly, youthful and have emulate an air 60s style.

For the launch, Victoria teamed up with the fashion illustrator and filmaker Quentin Jones to create a totally quirky window display.  The duo took the designed cat and moon motifs, plus the scalloped prints featured on the clothes to dress up these windows.  And it didn’t stop there…they have also installed mini TV screens into the walls so passers-by can take a peek at a video of the collection.

And don’t worry you won’t miss the cat theme, as on the shop floor you will see mannequins modelling both the beautiful dresses and their dream like cat heads.

I would personally love to own the Patch Pocket dress and the Printed Button dress, but unfortunately these elegant designs don’t come cheap.  Starting from £500, I think I’ll need to save or ask my boss for a large bonus, before I can even consider buying one of these great dresses…!